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Metaphors in Luther Edit

Below feel free to put any analytical thought on Luther. I have started off by delving in to the metaphors, symbolism and any deep layers of meaning within Luther itself.


  1. Flyprints suggests that Luther represents selflessness.
  2. In Flyprints he is compared to characters like Batman, who have strong moral codes, yet willing to work outside the laws to bring justice. Zoe says "You care more about the dead than the living", therefore Luther is a type of avenger.
  3. Luther's character may represent love, while Alice may represent a love-gone-cold.


  1. Luther Episode 1 Idris Elba

    Luther Episode 1 Idris Elba

    Episode 1 Series 1 highlights

    In Episode 1 of Series 1, Luther steals the ashes of Alice's dead parents from her home (1:56+). Alice goes after Luther with a knife, yet one carefully selected. She catches up to Luther and stabs Luther in the chest off guard, but Luther appears unhurt, only a bit shocked (3:09) and even smiles. Alice smiles back in amazement. After, Luther throws the knife out of her hand and forces Alice back so she is leaning over the bridge (3:33). He tells her to stay away from Zoe. At this point, Alice seeing his immense love for Zoe still, asks him to "Kiss me. Kill me. Do something". Here she alikens kissing to killing, love as destruction. And yet she recognised that, everything Luther does is meaningful, because it is out of love. The scene compares to baptism, where converts are laid back in to the waters and re-emerged as a "new individual" with past sins forgiven (3:55). This was a watershed moment in Alice's life, where through Luther, she sees how pitiful she has been in her worldview, killing her parents and how the basic way Luther lives, through love, is the most intelligent way. Lutherandruth 07:19, June 30, 2011 (UTC)
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