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Series Three: Episode 4 is the fourth and final episode of Luther, Series Three. This is the fourteenth episode of the Luther series.


Luther must work outside the law to stop the vigilante killer from becoming a martyr.


Luther discovers Ripley's corpse and is charged with his murder by Stark and Gray, but whilst in transit the police car is attacked and Luther is rescued by Alice Morgan. After Marwood goes on a rampage at Luther's flat Superintendent Schenk is aware that he killed Ripley and Mary is taken to a hideaway by Stark and Gray, though Gray starts to sense that Stark wants to reel Luther in for a confrontation. Marwood meanwhile abducts the wife of the doctor at the prison where Caitlin's murderer is held and threatens to kill her unless the doctor gives the killer a lethal injection. Alice and Luther track Marwood down but he escapes and pursues Mary, having obtained her location via Luther's phone. He kills Stark and wounds Gray but Alice and Luther arrive for a roof-top confrontation.


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