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Series Three: Episode 3 is the third episode of Luther, Series Three. This is the thirteenth episode of the Luther series.


Luther must confront his demons when a vigilante killer embarks on a crusade.


Luther investigates the deaths of two muggers who were killed by a vigilante while the muggers were in the process of attacking a young couple who were sitting in their car. The killer taped a messages to the mouths of the muggers. The victims have little interest in helping the police arrest the man who saved them and they soon have another dead body – also with a message taped to his mouth – hanging in Hampton Woods. The vigilante - who is soon identified as Tom Marwood – broadcasts a message over the Internet demanding justice for his wife who was raped and murdered 4 years ago. Luther knows they have little time to stop him. Marwood's next 'execution' will be very public. Meanwhile, Gray and Stark visit Luther's new girlfriend Mary. They seem intent on destroying his reputation… Gray is beginning to doubt Stark's methods.