Series One: Episode 3 is the third episode of Luther.


John Luther must catch a Satanic occult killer accused of kidnap and murder. However, with a young mother's life at stake, Luther must use all his skills to build an airtight case.


John Luther is on the trail of a satanic occult killer who kidnaps a woman but leaves her baby in the living room. Things get harder when a man accuses Luther of attacking him. Things take a grisly turn when the woman is found. Meanwhile, Mark returns after having been beaten up by a group of girls run by Alice Morgan.  An official complaint is filed against Luther which hampers his ability to work the case and he seeks guidance from Alice.  Zoe finds that her feelings for Luther remain strong after she doubts his integrity.



  • Closing song is "Feeling Good" by Muse


  • 4.76 million
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