Season 3: Episode 1


DCI John Luther investigates the murder of Emily Hammond who is found strangled in her bed and costumed by her killer. Luther thinks he's seen this before and is reminiscent of a serial killer, the Shoreditch Creeper, who in 1980-81 assaulted 8 women, killing 3 times. The crimes then inexplicably stopped. He's barely started when he's told by his boss Supt. Martin Shenk that he's been ordered to assign him to another case, the murder of Jared Cass who was also found dead that morning. He ends up with both cases. Cass was known to attack people via the Internet and his death seems to be a revenge killing. One of his victims was Ken Barnaby who is still grieving over the death of his daughter Kathy. When Luther asks him to come to the station to provide fingerprints he reacts. As for the Hammond case, the police find a link to the 30 year old murders while the serial killer strikes again. Meanwhile Luther's Sergeant, DS Justin Ripley, learns that Superintendent Stark has been brought out of retirement to investigate Luther.


Idris Elba ... DCI John Luther
Warren Brown ... DS Justin Ripley
Dermot Crowley ... DSU Martin Schenk
Nikki Amuka-Bird ... DCI Erin Gray
Sienna Guillory ... Mary Day
David O'Hara ... DSU George Stark
Rachel Hankey ... Emily Hammond
Kevin Fuller ... Paul Ellis
Michael Smiley ... Benny Deadhead
Shaun Mason ... Sean 'Beanie' Beamish
Lucian Msamati ... Ken Barnaby
Maria Miles ... Tessa Barnaby
Sasha Behar ... Dani Lane
Selva Rasalingam ... Craig Lane
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