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DSU Rose Teller is John Luther's boss in series one.

Series One[]


Teller is Luther's boss throughout the first season.

In episode six, she believes Ian Reed's premise that Luther is guilty of his ex-wife's murder. When Luther and Reed setup a meeting at the Faraday Memorial, Teller arranges SO19 in case of violence. When Justin Ripley interferes with the SO19 operation, she demands his badge and has him arrested as an accessory to the murder for which she believes John Luther to be culpable. She does little else in the episode – and it is Martin Schenk who brings the police to Reed's location.

Teller does not return in series two.

Series Five[]

Teller herself does not make an appearance in series five, however Luther references Teller in the final episode.

I had a boss once, her name was Rose Teller. Really good cop. She used to say "an assumption is something you don't know you're making."

The significance is in this revelation being the jumping off point where Luther wins the cooperation of Vivian, wife and accomplice to the serial killer in series five. This makes Rose Teller an important part of Luther catching his final murderer in the show's run.