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Owen Lynch is a fictional character featured in Luther.


Owen is the son of Terry Lynch and an unknown woman. He was described as being a timid child who desperately wanted his father's affection. He used to wet the bed, for which his father would beat him. The beatings, however, only made Owen wet the bed more often.

His father was a soldier and pressured Owen into becoming a soldier. He joined the Royal Marines and earned the rank of sergeant while serving in Afghanistan. While Owen was serving in Afghanistan, his father killed PC Dennis Sorrel while resisting arrest. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.


Owen appears in S01E02. Upon returning from Afghanistan, Owen visited his father in prison. Terry ordered Owen to begin killing police officers and to continue killing police officers until Terry was released from prison.

Owen first sets up a trap which appears to be the scene of a shooting. When a patrol car arrives to investigate, Owen opens fire, killing PCs Steve Gorman and Mike Eppley. The next day, he shoots PC Jenny Hanson in a parking lot in broad daylight. She survives, but the shooting was also a trap. When officers swarmed the area of the shooting, Owen opened fire, killing PC Mardel and three others, wounding several others.

When CO19 raided his suspected hideout, they found it to be a trap; a bomb within the building detonated, killing four and injuring six.

DCI John Luther confronts Terry in prison and threatens to spread the rumour that he rapes young boys. Under that pressure, he breaks and tells a number of Owen's embarrassing secrets. Luther then goes on live television and, combining some truths and lies, humiliates Owen; thus, Luther becomes Owen's prime target. Thanks to information given by Terry, Luther heads to a flat once owned by a childhood friend of Owen's. The locations turns out to be Owen's true hideout and Luther and Owen clash. Owen pins Luther to a wall and empties his revolver of all but one bullet, and then begins a game of Russian roulette. Owen loses and prepares to shoot himself in the head, but Luther overpowers and arrests him.

Back at Hobb Station, Luther and DSU Rose Teller try to persuade Owen to admit that he was acting under orders given by his father. However, Owen refuses, opting to take the prison sentence rather than give his father up.