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Working for Police Complaints in Series 1, DCI Martin Schenk appears unassuming but is universally feared for his steel-trap mind. Deceptively observant and intuitive, he is determined to rid the force of bent coppers.

In Series 2, the newly promoted DSU Schenk convinces his superiors to allow DCI John Luther to join his newly formed Serious and Serial Crime Unit. DSU Schenk's investigation of DCI Luther in Series 1, allowed him to see the brilliance and the pitfalls of Luther. Choosing to embrace the former, Schenk allows for almost the same level of liberty that Luther enjoyed under DSU Rose Teller ...almost.



"Luther: Episode #2.2" (2011)[]

[Speaking across the table from Ronald Bryson] I know men like you the way you know men like me, and I know you wouldn't have done this if you believed there was the least chance of it coming back on you. Well, guess what. It's come back on you like the Hand of God, and the next words from your mouth will determine the weight and velocity of the staggering tonnage of shit that's about to plummet onto your very large forehead.

Series One[]

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