Jessica Carrodus is a fictional character featured in Luther.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jessica was the wife of James Carrodus. She is French and her occupation, if she has one, is unknown.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Jessica appears in S01E05, in which he and his wife Jessica are shown preparing to leave their London apartment, which has been cleared of furniture in preparation of their move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, their home is invaded by Daniel Sugarman and his two accomplices, Evangeline Nixon and Tom Meyer, who hold James and Jessica captive. It is then revealed that James stole a large quantity of diamonds worth millions of pounds. Sugarman, to prove that he is serious, cuts Jessica's tongue out and releases James, giving him two hours to produce the diamonds.

Jessica is held captive for hours. However, one of her captors, Meyer, is persuaded by DCI Ian Reed, working outside of the law, to free Jessica. He breaks her free and tries to escape in his car but is cut off by Sugarman, who brutally tortures and eventually kills Meyer. Sugarman then cuts open Jessica and extracts the diamonds before leaving. Jessica later dies of her wounds.

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