Jeremy Madsen is a fictional character featured in Luther: The Calling.

Background[edit | edit source]

Jeremy is the husband of Jan Madsen. He was a veterinarian, but he later retired. He and Jan adopted a son together, Henry. Unfortunately, he was a psychopath and caused the couple nothing but trouble. In his later years, Jeremy suffers from fibromyalgia.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Jeremy appears in Luther: The Calling, in which he and his wife are held hostage by their adopted son, Henry. He has just kidnapped Mia Dalton and buried her with a limited amount of oxygen, and he calls Jeremy and Jan to inform them that if they don't give him money, the girl will die. DCI John Luther and DS Isobel Howie arrive at their house to question them, but Luther deduces that Henry is holding them hostage. While Luther heads upstairs, Henry attacks Howie and Jan in the kitchen, killing Jan and gravely wounding Howie.

Luther subdues Henry and is able to drag him away before police arrive with the intention of torturing him until he reveals Mia's location. Jeremy is shown to be in shock after the death of his wife, as he sits in the back of an ambulance staring into space.

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