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Jeremy Lake is a serial killer who appeared as one of the two main antagonists in Series Five,the final series, alongside his wife, Vivian Lake, of Luther.


Lake is a renowned in his field, married to a successful psychiatrist named Vivien. Specifies of his psychopathology aren't revealed extensively, but he has a dungeon he enjoys keeping victims in, as well as horrifically, elaborately gruesome imagery and other resources about death, disfigurement, torture, and other various manmade chaos and amorality. Not only does it appear Vivien was abusive to him, including "conditioning" him by means like dousing him with ice cold water and flogging his back, but Jeremy was also revealed to have a severe brain tumor, which either was tied to his psychopathology, Vivien's subjections against him, or both, maybe other factors at play as well. For reasons and on a timeline unknown, he finally snapped and wanted to evoke himself with a series of butchery murders in a sequence that elaborated the chaos from his perspective and obsessions. All the while Vivien covered his tracks to keep the two from being caught, even assisting in the killings.


Series 5 Bus Mask.jpg

S05E01 Jeremy's first murders are as hideous as shooting dozens of nails in one victim and cutting the eyes and tongue out of another when the second one's a witness. All the while dressed in a signature outfit of an LED hoodie and translucent mask. When he butchers a woman on the higher deck of a bus and then murders the driver just after, he hangs a patient of Vivien's to have him take the fall for his crimes. The Lakes are later scene in the kitchen together, talking vaguely and tensely. Shown in his slide montages and in Vivien's home going mad, both times naked. However, Vivien's later cleaning up blood in their home, insisting he not be as messy with his spree.

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S05E02 When Jeremy's lying naked on the concrete floor, with the marks on his back from flogging, Vivien pours the water on him and demands "what's the rule", which turns out to be "play it safe". Jeremy later is scheduled to operate on a female patient, whom he scares by saying he's going to kill her. he's later abducted her and brought her to the house, where Vivien's already covered the basement with plastic for her captivity.

S05E03 The jig is finally up once Jeremy murders a man and hangs him upside down with a mask of his own face from the bridge over the Thames. He then comes with flowers to a schoolteacher's home, punches her out, and prepares for more killings.

S05E04 The schoolteacher, as well as a prostitute and plumber he lured into the teacher's home, are all held hostage in a "happy families" simulation, which Vivien tells the police is one of Jeremy's favorite "games". With Luther out on other matters, Halliday goes after Jeremy and shoots him dead.

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