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James Carrodus is a fictional character featured in Luther.


James is the husband of Jessica Carrodus. He is an dealer of fine art. Despite having a good reputation, it is mentioned that Carrodus, at one point, sold fake paintings to Russian billionaires who were unaware that the art they had purchased was not genuine. Through the use of Bill Winingham, Carrodus had the money turned into 18 cut diamonds of "outstanding quality." Afterwards, he began making preparations to flee England and move to Brazil with his wife.


James appears in S01E05, in which he and his wife Jessica are shown preparing to leave their London apartment, which has been cleared of furniture in preparation of their move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, their home is invaded by Daniel Sugarman and his two accomplices, Evangeline Nixon and Tom Meyer, who hold James and Jessica captive. It is then revealed that James stole a large quantity of diamonds worth millions of pounds. Sugarman, to prove that he is serious, cuts Jessica's tongue out and releases James, giving him two hours to produce the diamonds. James initially heads to his associate in the criminal underworld, Winingham, who directs him to DCI Ian Reed of the Serious Crimes unit. However, upon his arrival, Reed is elsewhere and he talks to DCI John Luther, where he reveals that the diamonds are, in fact, inside Jessica's stomach. He could not tell his captors that, or they would have cut Jessica open on the spot.

James and Jessica embrace, moments before Sugarman et alii invade their flat.

Luther and DSU Rose Teller give Carrodus a set of diamonds, though he is unaware that they are fake. He takes them to a public shopping centre where is to drop them in a trash can. Shortly afterwards, Nixon and Meyer arrive to pick up the diamonds. However, Nixon realises that there are no diamonds; Carrodus has stolen the fake diamonds and fled. Nixon and Meyer flee, but Nixon is caught by DS Justin Ripley. Luther pursues Meyer, but he escapes. However, Reed and Winingham contact Meyer and convince him to free Jessica. He attempts to do so, but is caught by Sugarman, tortured, and killed. Sugarman then cuts open Jessica and extracts the diamonds. She dies of her wounds.

After the case has been wrapped up by the Serious Crime unit, Carrodus is apprehended trying to have the diamonds he stole valued. Before being handcuffed, Ripley informs him that not only were the diamonds fake, but his wife is dead.