Graham shand
Graham Shand was an out of work cab driver and a sadistic ritual murderer. He was married to his wife Linda for 20 years. He suffered from erectile dysfunction and had been unable to have sex with his wife until he began murdering young women he lured into his illegal cab at night. His M.O. was to lay the dead girl out on the ground, remove her shoes and set them by her feet and then remove all of the contents of her handbag and display them like a crown around her head. During one murder, he took a necklace off the girls corpse and gave it to his wife for her birthday.  His wife would later see a photo of the dead girl and see the necklace she is wearing is the same as the one Graham gave her.  

Graham did not tell Linda that he had lost his job 2 months before his death and would pretend that he had been working nights.

Graham was very distrustful of his wife and would read her text messages while she was in the shower.  One time Linda forgot to erase her messages and Graham learned that she was having an affair. At his wife's birthday party he made a point to brag about having sex with Linda to Linda's boyfriend, Dennis Keaton.

Graham is tipped off by Linda that the police are closing in on him, although Linda is unaware of the true nature of his crimes. Graham goes to Dennis's home and murders him when he answers the door, then calls an escort named Layla to come to the house.  Before he can kill Layla, he hears Linda calling him from downstairs and he goes to talk to her where he is taken into custody.   

Linda murdered Graham with a hammer, striking him twice in the back of the head, as the police are walking him to a police car.


Shand shows traits of Sadistic and Borderline personality disorder. His sadism was shown by his rapes and murders and his fondness of toying with his victim before killing them. He was also excessively preoccupied with the fidelity of his spouse, obsessively reading her text messages whenever she was out of the room or the house. His Borderline traits included suicidal tendencies and self-harming as a means of gaining attention though he was too cowardly to actually take his own life. Shand also had a pathological fear of being abandoned by his wife to the point that he murdered her lover. He was prone to violent extremes of elation, rage, fear and despair. Shand may also have had obsessive compulsive tendencies as shown by his habit of ritualistically collecting trophies of his murders, particularly handbags although this may have simply been another manifestation of his sadism. Shand was a fundamentally pathetic character who was accurately summed up by his wife as a "sad little prick."

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