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Evangeline Nixon is a fictional character featured in Luther.


Evangeline, sometimes referred to as Evie, is an American criminal with a long history of violence. She has a criminal record consisting of extortion and suspected kidnapping. She is married to Daniel Sugarman.


Nixon appears during S01E05, in which she, along with Sugarman and Tom Meyer, invades the home of James and Jessica Carrodus with the intention of stealing a set of 18 diamonds in James' possession. To prove he is serious, he cuts out Jessica's tongue and releases James.

James eventually heads to the Serious Crimes unit, where he is given a set of diamonds worth considerably less than the ransom. He agrees to attempt the drop, but is unaware that the diamonds are fake. Just before dropping the diamonds in a trash can within a shopping centre, he decides to take the diamonds and flee. Shortly thereafter, Nixon and Meyer arrive but find no diamonds, prompting them to flee. Nixon is caught, but Meyer escapes. He contacts Bill Winingham, his uncle and the orchestrator of the robbery, and is told by DCI Ian Reed, a corrupt cop and associate of Winingham's, to free Jessica. Meyer attempts to do so, but is stopped by Sugarman, who tortures and kills Meyer before cutting Jessica open and extracting the diamonds. She dies of her wounds.

Sugarman is confident that Nixon won't turn on him, but Benny Silver tampers with the phone call audio and makes it seem like Sugarman does not care about Nixon. When faced with that, she turns on Sugarman.