Background Edit

Caroline Jones is the mother of Jenny Jones Several years earlier, Jenny's father murdered a prostitute and panicked, cutting the body into multiple pieces and hiding the pieces in trash bins across London. DCI John Luther pursued him and, according to Caroline, humiliated him.

Jenny grew up and, likely due to the instability of her home life, turned to drugs and prostitution. She began working in the adult film industry, performing in pornographic films in which she is unconscious and raped by multiple men.

Involvement Edit

In S02E01, Caroline comes to Luther and asks him to help her daughter, stating that he owes her. He talks to Jenny before she is set to appear in one of her adult films, but is unable to convince her to leave with him. He walks away, but shortly thereafter changes his mind and bursts into the scene and arrests her. He hides her in a safe-house where she is watched over by Mark North. Luther later asks her if she would like to change her life; leave the drugs and sex behind. However, her boss, a ruthless elderly woman known as Baba, wants her back. Luther begins working for Baba to set Jenny free.

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