William Winingham is a fictional character featured in Luther.

Background[edit | edit source]

William, referred to as Bill, is a career criminal. He specialises in money laundering. Due to his criminal behaviour, he is well-known to DCI Ian Reed. He and Reed have worked together, with Reed taking bribes and letting Bill and his associates commit crimes.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Bill appears in S01E05, in which he has set up a robbery. James Carrodus, an art dealer, used him to launder millions of pounds into 18 diamonds. Bill plans on robbing Carrodus of the diamonds. His nephew, Tom Meyer, recommends Daniel Sugarman, an American, who partners with his wife Evangeline Nixon. DCI Ian Reed was aware of the robbery and gave it the go-ahead for a cut of the profits. However, the robbery went sour and turned into a kidnapping. James' wife, Jessica, had her tongue cut out.

A drop is set up, but James steals the diamonds, unaware that they are fake, and flees. Nixon and Meyer arrive to pick up the diamonds, but run once they see that there are none. Nixon is captured, but Meyer escapes and calls Winingham. Reed convinces Meyer to free Jessica, but he is caught by Sugarman and brutally tortured and killed. Reed had mentioned that Jessica had the diamonds, which Meyer likely told Sugarman, as Jessica is cut open and the diamonds are extracted from her. She dies of her wounds.

After telling Winingham that Meyer is dead, the two share an emotional moment. However, Reed realises that the situation has gotten out of control and plans on covering up his involvement. He strangles Winingham and disposes of the body.

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