Adrian York is a fictional character featured in Luther: The Calling.

Background[edit | edit source]

Adrian was born in Bristol to David York, a troubled Australian man, and Chrissie York (neé James). As a young boy, he had an interest in BMX biking. His parents divorced and, during the trial for child custody, Adrian claimed his father frequently used drugs and the services of prostitutes. Court psychiatrists believed Chrissie had coached Adrian to lie about is father, and thus was causing him "emotional harm". As such, when David returned to his native Australia and, at the same time, Adrian went missing, the case of the boy's "disappearance" was not investigated despite David claiming he did not have him.

In fact, Adrian had been abducted by Henry Madsen, who subjected the boy to physical, emotional and mental torment. He eventually turned the boy into his loyal servant, who would aid him during his many break-ins, kidnappings, and murders. He raised Adrian under the name Patrick Madsen.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Adrian appears in Luther: The Calling, in which he aids killer and kidnapper Henry Madsen. His true identity is later revealed, and he is reunited with his mother. However, this happens after he is brutally stabbed by Madsen after trying to help Mia Dalton, a member of the Dalton family whom Adrian had helped murder, escape from the same fate as him.

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